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July 22, 2010


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Wow, I totally disagree. Teaching teens to seek answers in self-help or 'how to happy' or goal setting is fatal.

Many people would scream with disbelief, but I would say the worst thing you can ever do in life is set yourself goals. I think goal orientation is an absolute disaster in life.

Two things happen - one you don't meet your goals so you call yourself a failure.
Secondly, you meet your goal and say well I'm here - now what? Keep chasing an 'answer'?

No, let teens enjoy the thrills, spills and pills of their youth and let the self help systems wait until the mid life crisis.

hugh garry

If ever there was a time in life that you need to know that failure isn't such a bad thing it's through your teen years. I agree that teens need to have a free spirit and enjoy that period to the max but it's a crucial time for shaping the rest of your life.

Two of my favourite books as a teen were Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Little Prince, both helped shape the person I am today. Without them I would have had nothing to guide me other than my parents. If games like SuperMe can help teens realise that failure is a learning process and not a dead end as you suggest then that's a big WIN for public service broadcasting and teens.

Jo Roach

Thanks Huey, I'm really pleased that love the project! Hope you don't mind me jumping in with some thoughts for Marco.

Eep, self-help? That's not what this project is. Foremost it's a game, and a fun one, one that includes celebs and comedy and animation. A game that teaches teens resilience, which is the ability to bounce back from difficulties. Resilience is being taught in 37 UK schools and the analysis of how it is impacting those schools is very positive. Not only is it improving the happiness and resilience of the teenagers, but also the teachers. And there is a marked improvement in the culture of the school, for example reduced of levels of bullying.

One of the things we tried very hard to get across is the importance of failure, and how screwing up is useful on the road to successes, small and large. This is especially powerful coming from famous TV presenters and musicians, international models and footballers. Particularly when 70% of young girls in their early teens claim to want to be famous or models, because that's what happiness is perceived to be.

Jo (Exec Producer of SuperMe)

Mike Hawkyard

I agree - great work. What I particularly like is the design of the website itself. It is really nice to see a game set in great website as opposed to being dumped in a box in the middle of the screen. The difference this makes is huge for the users first impression - and with online games, first impressions count.

Achievements are also key to keeping people playing for longer across multiple games and encouraging sign up. I know the BBC team are considering this for their Games Grid. If you could help nudge this along...!

PS. Your son plays CoD? Don't forget to call him a noobtube at every possible moment as it will really annoy him.

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