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May 17, 2011


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Best of luck for the future buddy, sounds like you had a blast and, from the way you're talking, this is merely the beginning!

Hope to run into you again soon,



Good for you, Hugh. I know whatever you end up doing will be brilliant. We should do that catch up call/meet soon

Helen Keegan

Wow - end of an era eh?
Not forgetting that you've spread the magic way beyond entertainment but also education! You've been a big influence on our students, and have added so much to their experience - so huge thanks from me and congratulations on everything you've done - can't wait to see what you do next!
(And p.s. really looking forward to the game :)

Hugh Garry

Thanks James. I had a ball.
Neil - yes. We MUST sit down soon and chat. That would be great.
Thanks Helen. Very kind of you. Always good speaking to your students. A very talented bunch thanks to their brilliant leader.

Jo Roach

My first thought is that the BBc just lost a whole lot of brains and creativity, which they'll be much poorer for. Second thought is that this is awesome news for you and i can't wait to see what you do next.

And we should catch up, and see if there is stuff we can do together. I have a new project to show you, too... :-)



It's nice out here. You'll like it (and will certainly continue to knock it out of the park).

And... if I can ever be a useful sounding board for ideas, let's have a coffee.

Hugh Garry

Thanks Jo. I'm down in the capital next week. Lets meet up. Love to hear about your new project.

Cheers Kim. Looking forward to being out there and yes, would love to take you up on your very kind offer.

Roo Reynolds

The BBC's enormous loss is the rest of the world's gain. Stay in touch you lovely rascal.


Best of luck, Hugh. We've not worked together, so I only have the audience view of stuff you've been involved in to go on, but I hope your "20% time" goes well.

My hunch is that, given this:

“Despite being here for so long I still get excited when I walk through the door like it's my first day every day.”

…you'll spend a couple of years doing all manner of interesting stuff before finding yourself adorned with a BBC lanyard again to get that feeling back every morning. It's an irresistible force :)

katie moffat

Yay, you did it :) You'll be awesome at whatever you do. Keep in touch.


I have massive respect for anyone who leaves a safe job to do something they feel like they have to do. Look forward to your blog posts chronicling your new 20% adventures! ;)

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